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Swansea Cemetery Listing

Below the map is a list of cemeteries in Swansea as a result of a 1970 cemetery survey. This is not a complete listing and the "cemetery names" may not actually be the names of cemeteries but may have meant something else to the person compiling the data (since some of the cemeteries have only 1 or 2 people listed). Some listings have been updated based on data provided by visitors.

To simply see a list of interments based on each cemetery or an alphabetical listing of all interments, please see the old cemetery page here.

To search the database compiled from the cemetery survey, please enter a search item in the box just below. If you do not enter anything, the entire cemetery database will be displayed. You can search based on name (first or last), cemetery name or text in an inscription.

Please click on the map to enlarge. Cemetery numbers corresponding to the list below are noted in red squares.

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  1. Gardner South - first of two cemeteries established for the Gardner family by Samuel Gardner, located on Old Gardner's Neck Road (behind Fire Station)
  2. Gardner North - second of two cemeteries established for the Gardner family by Samuel Gardner, located on Old Gardner's Neck Road (behind Fire Station)
  3. Sisson - the Sisson Family burial grounds located on Seaview Avenue in Touisset about 25 feet from the street on the south side of the farm house
  4. Brown - affiliated with the Episcopal Church, The Church of Christ and started by the Brown family in approximately 1765 - located in the woods behind 681 Pearse Road (there is a right of way to the cemetery)
  5. Luther-Riley - located on Old Warren Road approximately 1/4 mile down from the corner (1764 to 1978)
  6. Buffington Family - located on Cedar Avenue not far from the corner of Birchwood Avenue (1871 to 1954)
  7. Kingsley - Kingsley family cemetery located on Milford Road at the junction of Route 118 next to a private home and at the rear of a bank (1805 to 1880)
  8. Luther - located on Milford Road between Spring Street and Taft Street (1776 to 1862)
  9. Old Smallpox - located on Milford Road directly opposite 165 Milford Road and documents the losses due to small pox from 1753 through 1763
  10. Hale - located 300 yards down the lane behind 410 Locust Street
  11. Martin - located on Locust Street east of Oak Street
  12. Eddy - located behind the Baker Slaughter House at 235 Locust Street on a small hill about 100 yards from the north side of Locust Street
  13. Lee - located 400 feet up Pierce Lane on the south side, east of Purchase Street opposite the end of Hornbine Road (1800 to 1875)
  14. Wood - Wood Family Cemetery located on the south side of Wood Street , 1/2 mile west of Delmage Road (1755 to 1888)
  15. Christ Church - the main cemetery for Christ Church located behind the church on Main Street (1847 to present)
  16. Town Hall - located behind the town hall on Main Street, also called the 'Old Burial Ground'
  17. Lewin - located on the Paquette Farm and 300 yards north of 265 Old Stevens Road in the middle of fields
  18. Eddy - located 499 feet in the rear of the St. Louis de France Church at 56 Buffington Avenue
  19. Eddy - located east of the former Swan Finishing Company parking lot at the end of Ledge Road and on the bank of the Coles River
  20. Ingalls - located 300 yards east of Breslin Path opposite the ruins of an old farm house
  21. Martin - - located 300 feet behind 178 Hortonville Road ("six graves of people who were said to be 'colored people of town'")
  22. Wheaton - located behind the Somerset Sportsman's Club on Breslin Path, about 400 feet south of the Baker Road entrance
  23. Asa Chace - located on the north side of Baker Road, about a 1/2 mile east of Purchase Street (1858 to 1951)
  24. Mason-Chace - located east of 123 Baker Road, on the north side
  25. Mason-Horton - located on the east side of Hortonville Road, 300 feet north of Cummings Road
  26. Baker - located on the east side of Hortonville Road between #417 and #451
  27. Reed-Mason - located south of 950 Hortonville Road
  28. Col. Peleg Slade - located on the east side of Hortonville Road near the corner of Hailes Hill Road (1813 - ?)
  29. Chase - located on the west side of Sharp's Lot Road, south of #468
  30. Mount Hope - the town's main cemetery located on land that faces both Hortonville Road and Milford Road
  31. Lawton - located on the east side of Sharp's Lot Road, south of #333
  32. Martin
  33. Pierce
  34. Old Baptist Church - located on the corner of Baptist Street and Route 6, across from the First Baptist Church of Swansea
  35. First Baptist Church a.k.a. Old Thomas - located on the south side of Route 6 opposite the First Baptist Church of Swansea. In 1924 the old burial ground was cut by construction of Rt 6 and graves were moved to the old section of the Thomas Cemetery.
  36. Cole - located near the corner of Lazywood Lane and Mountfair Circle, next to 158 Mountfair Circle
  37. Monroe - located in the rear of 237 Burnside Drive (1843 to 1860)
  38. Kingsley - located behind Old Fall River Road between Old Fall River Road and Route 6, about 500 feet from the street
  39. First Christian Church
  40. Christopher-Mason - located approximately 100 yards north on the lane beside 358 Stephen French Road
  41. Wood - located on the East side of Reed Road, north of 447 Reed Road
  42. Polly Wood - located on the original farm of Thomas Wood, a surveyor who settled in Swansea about 1720, at the southeast end of the Warren Reservoir, 150 feet from the water and 100 feet southwest of a large beech tree
  43. Vinnicum Woods Cemetery - 241 Vinnicum Rd Swansea, MA

Additional listing for the Bourn Cemetery, Somerset, Massachusetts (sorry this is not part of the searchable Swansea database).

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