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The former Village of Swansea, City of Toronto

Located in the west end of Toronto, Ontario in Canada, the community of Swansea is bounded by High Park on the east, the Humber River on the west, the railway tracks on the south, and a line 110′ south of Bloor St. W. on the north. The Village of Swansea existed as a separate municipality from 1926 until 1967, and in many respects it still retains a village atmosphere.

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Swansea, Wales, UK

The files in this section are about Swansea at Home in Wales. The words and pictures try to describe and record the way the Welsh live, work and travel in this sometimes beautiful, sometimes ugly, sometimes joyful and sometimes sad land

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The Town

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Swanseas in Australia

Swansea, Tasmania:

Swansea is a town in the heart of Tasmania's east coast, on the north-west shore of Great Oyster Bay and overlooking Freycinet National Park. It was the first municipality in Australia to be established after Hobart and Sydney. At the, Swansea had a population of 557.

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Swansea, New South Wales

Swansea is a locality and commercial centre at the entrance to Lake Macquarie from the Pacific Ocean in New South Wales, Australia. It is part of the City of Lake Macquarie local government area.

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Swansea, South Carolina

Swansea is a town in Lexington County, South Carolina, United States

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Swansea, South Carolina



Ghost Towns



Swansea, Illinois

Swansea is a village in St. Clair County, Illinois.

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Village of Swansea, Illinois



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